About Us


It's less about us and more about you. For over twenty years, United Church Structures has happily tailored our laminate-framed church sanctuaries and multi-purpose buildings to the needs and ambitions of your growing congregation.
Thanks to the popularity of our geodesic dome shells, UCS was created in 1993 to help meet demand in the religious market.  We've expanded to offer a wide selection of shells in addition to our original geodesic design, including our square, rectangle, hexagon, octagon and Olympiad packages.
Our range of building designs are perfect for congregations with seating needs of up to 2,000. Our structures feature rich wood laminate mainframes and stunning cathedral ceilings.
Our system offers some of the pre-engineered techniques used with steel structures while still giving you options for a custom building with the strength of wood and the natural beauty of Southern Yellow Pine. After your foundation is in place, our crew assembles a complete wood superstructure in 5-15 days. This wood mainframe includes a stud framed vertical sidewall framed to accept your doors and windows, stained laminated beams, as well as a roof deck. Our roof deck options include an open web I-joist, 2” structural wood deck, or a structural insulated panel system. The structural insulated panel offers the option of drywall or 1x6 tongue and groove wood pre-applied prior to construction.
It is United Church Structures’ rapid on-site assembly that helps you save time as well as money. Once our crew leaves the site, you have a rough framed building provided by one crew in a fraction of the time it would take to bring all of the various trades together in a conventional building process. Once the UCS crew has the wood shell completed, your general contractor will complete the finishing process by installing doors, windows, interior partitions, brick, etc.