United Church Structures Showcase

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Saint Mark's Baptist Church

Browns Mills, NJ

Location: Browns Mills, NJ Structure Type: 100' Octagon 14' Sidewall Date Completed: January 2001 Website: http://www.stmarkbaptistchurch.com

New Hope Baptist Church

East Orange, NJ

Location: East Orange, NJ Structure Type: 90' Octagon, Owner Built Wall Date Completed: May 2005

Abundant Life Fellowship

Edgewater Park, NJ

Location: Edgewater Park, NJ Structure Type: 120' Omni 24' Sidewall Date Completed: April 1999 Website: http://www.abundantlife.org

Morning Star Church of Pleasantville

Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Location: Egg Harbor Township, NJ Structure Type: 80' Omni Date Completed: December 1995

First Seventh Day Adventist Church

Newtonville, NJ

Location: Newtonville, NJ Structure Type: 80' Omni 12' Wall Date Completed: July 1998