United Church Structures Showcase

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Greater St. John Missionary Baptist Church

Covington, TN

Location: Covington, TN Structure Type: 80' Omni 12' Sidewall Date Completed: June 1999

Holy Temple Cathedral of Deliverance

Memphis, TN

Location: Memphis, TN Structure Type: 98' Octagon, 18' Sidewall Date Completed: November 1999 Website: http://www.holytemplecathedral.homestead.com

Friendship United Methodist Church

Millington, TN

Location: Millington, TN Structure Type: 70' Octagon 14' Sidewall Date Completed: October 2003

Harvest Outreach

White Pine, TN

Location: White Pine, TN Structure Type: 90' Omni 12' Sidewall Date Completed: April 1998