United Church Structures Showcase

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Ashburn Presbyterian Church

Ashburn, VA

Location: Ashburn, VA Structure Type: 51'x56' Rectangle, 12' Sidewall Date Completed: July 2006 Website: http://www.ashburnpresbyterian.org

Unity Church

Charlottesville, VA

Location: Charlottesville, VA Structure Type: 60' Square, 12' Sidewall Date Completed: September 2006 Website: http://www.unitycville.org

Bear Lithia Baptist Church

Elkton, VA

Greatest Freedom Ministries

Harrisonburg, VA

Location: Harrisonburg, VA Structure Type: 80' Square 12' wall Date Completed: May 2006

Prayer of Faith Temple COGIC

Lynchburg, VA

Location: Lynchburg, VA Structure Type: 110' Omni, 14' Sidewall Date Completed: March 2000 Website: http://www.prayeroffaithtemple.org

Third Baptist Church

Petersburg, VA

Water's Edge Church

Virginia Beach, VA

Location: Virginia Beach, VA Structure Type: 70' Square, 12' Sidewall Date Completed: October 2000 Website: http://www.watersedgevb.com