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Marion, Indiana

Brookhaven Wesleyan Church
Marion, Indiana, 46952
110' Dome, 18' Sidewall
Assembled July, 2001

UCS Projects in Indiana

Raising Beams into Place
The UCS crew uses a crane to lift the laminated beams into place, where they are attached to the connecting hubs

Attaching Beams
UCS uses man-lifts to assist in attaching beams to the steel connecting hubs.  

Setting Wall Panels
After the UCS crew assembled the supporting superstructure, the went ahead and assembled the walls and roof deck.

Setting the Cupola Beams
The UCS crew uses the crane to lift the cupola beams into place on top of the structure.  Notice the basement foundation below the church

Placing Roof Panels
Our crew uses the crane to hoist the roof panels into place.  They are then secured to the beam superstructure.  

Roughed-in Shell
A photo of the shell after assembly by the UCS crew

Roughed-in Shell 2
A second photo of the roughed in shell, with the church's old structure in the background

View from Roof
A look down from the roof of the dome.  In the background is the pond near the church

Roughed-in Shell 3
A third shot of the roughed in shell, with the basement foundation clearly visible.

Finished Exterior
This photo is a finished look at the exterior of Brookhaven Wesleyan Church

Finished Exterior from Front
A look at the finished exterior from the front side, facing the carport.  

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